Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 77

My, oh my! It's been ages since my last post.

I had since gotten back in the groove of working only to find myself happily interrupted in it by the visit of friends! Joe, Chris, Jaymie, and Alix came for week in lieu of our usual annual vacation. We went to Universal and every Disney Park. Alix spent her birthday in Magic Kingdom after reliving her 5th birthday at 1900 Park Fare with Mary Poppins!

All in all, I would say, it was a most wondrous week! And while I was sad to see them go, I was happy to get back to sleeping in my own bed.

Now, in just a few days time, darling will be flying down to visit. ^_^ I can hardly wait!

I chose tonite to write, not just to update you on recent going-ons but also to share this little anecdote.

This evening, while at Crystal Palace, my dear friend Piglet met the sweetest young boy.

Upon approaching the table Piglet learned from his attendant that one of the boys present (there were two, brothers) was scared of the characters, but still wanted to say hello. Both boys were quite enthusiastic in their waving and salutations; it was difficult to tell that which one might be scared. So Piglet stood behind their mother and happily waved to the young boys. The older of the two got up and gave Piglet a very good hug. The second boy stated in his seat and was firmly opposed to all proposals to hug Piglet or give him a high five, but still very happy just to wave and say hello. Piglet then gave the eldest brother a high five, then turned to the mother. After getting a high five from her, he tried his luck with the younger son. Still staying a good distance away, he put his paw out and the boy high fived him! It was clearly a momentous occasion, as one could tell from all the cheering and clapping. The young boy, still smiling the same wonderful smile he'd been wearing the entire time, looked at Piglet and politely said, "Yay! Could you please leave now?"

Cutest. Thing. Ever.

There are so many wonderful stories like this. I must get better about sharing them.

One of my favourites I heard from Goofy. A girl of about 4 or 5 approached him and in her sweet british accent asked where the bathroom was. After receiving directions from him she said, "Goofy, I have to go to the bathroom. Will you go wee-wee with me?"

Apparently her parents were very embarrassed, but everyone else thought it quite hysterical.

Well that's all for now. Hopefully I'll be diligent enough to write again in a week after darling has left. We'll see.

Love, kisses, and magic!