Friday, April 30, 2010

Character Performer-Mouse

A couple days ago I checked the College Program website to make sure that they had changed my role from Main Gate Operator to Character Performer. Indeed they had, but they had done more than just that. They had written the following-

Character Performer-Mouse

Scared to make an assumptions as to what this may mean I spoke briefly with a friend of mine who was "friends with" Dale. She explained to me that it may mean that I am playing multiple roles within the Mouse height range, including, but not limited to, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, &c. Excited but still wary of this analysis I called the Disney Recruiting Center this morning. They gave a similar response, adding that the Seven Dwarfs are also in this category, but also noting that I will not be assigned until I get there.

So all in all, not much progress was made in figuring out what role I will be participating in, other than there's a good chance there may be multiple characters. My hope at this point is still for Mouse itself, be it Mickey or Minnie, but no matter what I'm sure I will have a magical time!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Disney College Program Audition Results!

On the morning of April 21st, exactly four weeks after my audition, I received an email with this heading.

It read as follows:

"Congratulations! You passed your recent Walt Disney World® Character Audition and will be invited to participate in a Character Performer Role in the Disney College Program!!"


It went on to explain that my "Responsibilities may include: Portraying specific costumed character roles; working in hot, confining, heavy costumes with limited range of vision; communicating non-verbally to Guests; signing autographs and posing for photographs; and interacting with Guests outdoors and in dining establishments. Some participants may have the opportunity to perform in parade and/or puppeteer roles."

It did not give an specifics as to which character I would be "friends with" (this is the proper terminology I am told), but nonetheless I'm extremely excited.

Will update when I have more to report. In the meanwhile, have a magical day!