Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Disney College Program Audition Results!

On the morning of April 21st, exactly four weeks after my audition, I received an email with this heading.

It read as follows:

"Congratulations! You passed your recent Walt Disney World® Character Audition and will be invited to participate in a Character Performer Role in the Disney College Program!!"


It went on to explain that my "Responsibilities may include: Portraying specific costumed character roles; working in hot, confining, heavy costumes with limited range of vision; communicating non-verbally to Guests; signing autographs and posing for photographs; and interacting with Guests outdoors and in dining establishments. Some participants may have the opportunity to perform in parade and/or puppeteer roles."

It did not give an specifics as to which character I would be "friends with" (this is the proper terminology I am told), but nonetheless I'm extremely excited.

Will update when I have more to report. In the meanwhile, have a magical day!

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  1. Congratulations! i know its very late, i just wondered if i could take a small amount of your time to ask you questions.
    My name is Amy and i am 17, turning 18 in October. i come from Wales which is situated in the United Kingdom. I have looked at the Disney College Program website and am very interested in the character performer role. I love acting, singing and dancing but i feel that this is the role i would love to portray everyday to all audiences. My questions are...

    How can I audition to become a character performer at WDW if i am in the UK and not USA?

    How do I apply?

    As I need to gain my grades in college, I would do the Disney College Program in summer 2012... could i apply now?

    Who do i get in contact with to talk about the preparations for auditioning and to talk about other ways i can audition?

    i really would appreciate if you ould answer my questions, it would mean so much

    Reply soon! Thank you. Amy