Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 124

As you may or may not know, I am leaving in a week. Not just for a weekend or vacation, but forever. I'm returning to New York and moving into an apartment in Brooklyn with my Darling and my wonderful friend Lani.

When I tell most people this, they react by looking very sad and disheartened. I assure you, I couldn't be happier. Finally, I'll be able to see the people I care about, regularly. I'll be able to hug them and share stories with them, or even just share a room with them. Disney is wonderful, and while it looks very nice on my resume being here isn't helping to further my career along. Being in New York, surrounding myself with production companies, and gaining experience freelancing, that's how I can help to move myself along. So while I am sad that I wouldn't be able to see my new friends anymore, fur and human alike, I'm overjoyed at the thought of being able to open my apartment door to the smell of Lani's cooking and the sounds of Darling typing.

Some of my readers requested that I include more stories in my blog about some of my friends' encounters. So here today I want to share with you some from the past month.

Jiminy Cricket Makes a Friend

The other day while at Rafiki's Planet Watch in Animal Kingdom, my dear friend Jiminy Cricket met the sweetest young girls. Both wearing identical blue dresses, they approached cautiously. The elder of the two was able to feel more comfortable immediately and gave Jiminy a big hug. The younger, however, was still unsure of how to feel. Luckily their grandmother was able to help Jiminy out. She pointed out to the girl that Jiminy might kiss her hand the way he had kissed the lady's before them. (You see, Jiminy Cricket is quite a gentleman and does not shake a lady's hand but kisses it.) Understanding that this may be the way to make the sweet girl happy Jiminy extended his hand forward and very carefully the girl put her hand in Jiminy's. He bent forward and kissed her hand and when he saw that she was smiling and giggling, he politely took her other hand. Then he went back and forth kissing the back of her hands and it made her giggle very much. They were able to take a lovely picture and get an autograph and the next person was shown forward in line.

A little while later the line had died down and no one in the Conservation Station seemed much interested in seeing my dear friend. Near where he stands there are small tables set up where children can sit and draw. Jiminy went to see if any one might want to draw with him. 'Lo and behold, who should he find sitting at the table but the lovely sisters in blue! Jiminy sat down with them and they showed him their drawings. The eldest was neatly colouring in a maze, while the younger was drawing a heart. Grandma explained it was for Jiminy and the girl confirmed with, "Jiminy Cricket is my friend!" Soon after people began to ask for pictures with Jiminy so he had to leave the table, but he blew kisses, bowed and wished them well. The que to see Jiminy was now getting quite long and he was sad that he wouldn't be able to colour with his friends anymore. Then the most wonderful thing happened! After posing with lovely couple, Jiminy wished them off and turned to his next guest. You'll never guess who it was! Little blue and her grandmother had waited in line for Jiminy!! You see, they had something very special to give him.

It was the picture she had been drawing! She gave me the most wonderful hug and her grandmother thanked Jiminy for being so kind and sweet. Jiminy asked me to keep the picture safe for him and to share this wonderful story! I hope you like it!

Daisy Gets an A

This story is much shorter but equally sweet. While in Town Square in Magic Kingdom, Daisy Duck met a little girl who wanted an autograph. Daisy knelt beside her and showed her as she signed her book. Upon returning the book and pen to the girl, the girl began to write on the page! Daisy was worried the girl's parents would be upset if the girl drew over Daisy's autograph (they'd come all this way to get it after all!), so she began to reach forward. She stopped, however, when she saw what the girl was doing. When the girl finished, she showed Daisy. She had put a nice big "A" on the corner of the page! I guess she just wanted to make sure Daisy knew she really is the top of the class!

Lilo Fishes for Compliments

I have two Lilo stories I would like to share.
At Ohana's at the Polynesian Resort, Lilo met a couple. The woman was quite excited to meet Lilo and tell her that Lilo had in fact helped a young child she knew how to speak. In fact, she had taught him how to say "peanut butter sandwich!" The woman then proceeded to explain that everyday the child would ask for a peanut butter sandwich, and when the woman would ask, "What about tuna?" the child would respond that that would be an...

Lilo was very happy when she saw the woman reenact this whole scene. Not just say it, but actually get upset about the tuna. It was quite touching.

The second story involves a young boy. He adored Lilo very much. So much, in fact, that when Lilo was going around the restaurant she was stopped by the sounds of a family calling for her. She approached the table and discovered that one of the boys at the table had something he wanted to say to Lilo. He couldn't have been more than five, so when he stood on his chair he was eye level with Lilo, who we all know is larger than life! He stood there and began to sing.

"Yooou are sooooo beauuuutifuuuul, tooo meeeeeee"

Lilo was so happy she gave him a big hug and didn't let go for a very long time.

Though I don't have a good story to for this one, i simply wanted to share this photo of my friend Daisy at the Halloween Party.

Isn't she lovely? I'm glad i got the chance to be with her there before I go.

I'll try to update again before I go. I'll probably relay some more stories if anything adorable happens and will keep you up to date with my traveling and moving in. Then perhaps I'll rename the blog or start a new one, about my new life in New York City.

Until then-

Love, Kisses, and Magic!

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