Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 19

Ee gads! It's been ages since I last posted. Well, since last post I've completed Order of the Phoenix, Book 5 in the Harry Potter Series. I've also completed my first week of work! Yay!

Day Five of training was fun, but somber. We missed our trainers from the first four days, but were very excited and nervous to be moving on to the next step- working. We did autograph assessments and got feedback on our performances on set. Overall it was a good day.

This is Carson. He was adorable and we were all so happy to take a picture with him on our last day of training. I was getting to know my friend Mickey on this day.

The next day, full of nerves, I went to Epcot and did my first day on my own. It wasn't nearly as terrifying or scary as I thought it would be. In fact, it was quite easy and calm. I got to know Daisy very well. She's so sassy! What a diva!

Since then I've made friends with Donald and I helped Minnie work at the Character Spot in Epcot. (Don't tell the others, but I think she's my bff.)

I can't think of much else to say at the moment. It's been interesting adapting to a dorm-like lifestyle. My roomies are amazing. I've spent quite a few hours with Elise. Lindsey and I are hoping to do the Boardwalk someday soon, or even just grab some books and tea and chill at the Learning Center. I don't see much of Mel, but when I do we always have a good giggly conversation.

I booked a hotel for my friends who are visiting mid-August. I cannot wait!

I'll definitely update you as more occurs. I'm hoping for more pictures soon!

Hope you all have a magical day!

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